Sponsors & Partners

Without them, all of this would not be possible. Thanks!

Photographs shown on this page were kindly contributed by and copyright to Klaus Jost, Lill Haugen, Karen Varndell, Harald Baensch, Simon Pierce, Tim Rock, Alexander Safonov and Valerie Taylor. Thank you!!


The Bull Shark Tagging Programme is supported by the Save Our Seas Foundation, whose mandate is to support worldwide efforts to raise awareness and promote the protection, preservation and conservation of the marine environment.

Beqa Adventure Divers is the local sponsor in Fiji providing in-kind support for the Bull Shark Tagging Programme. BAD is the only officially authorised dive operator providing access to Shark Reef Marine Reserve, home of the best shark dive in the world!

Fiji’s Shark Reef Marine Reserve and the Bull Shark Tagging Programme are supported by the Shark Foundation, who is committed to the protection and research of sharks.

Partners & Collaborators

Manta Ray & Whale Shark Research Centre Mozambique

Behavioural Ecology Laboratory of the Marine Biological Association U.K.

Guy Harvey Research Institute

Manta Ray of Hope