Juerg received his doctorate in 2007 from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. His research interests encompass the behaviour, ecology and conservation of free-ranging fish with special emphasis on the bull and whale shark and remoras. He is also interested in marine tourism and marine protected area design and how small-scale conservation projects can be successfully implemented in developing countries.

4 Responses to JMB

  1. Alejo Irigoyen says:

    Dear Juerg,
    Could you send to me PDF´s of the following papers?

    Brunnschweiler JM (2010) The Shark Reef Marine Reserve: a marine tourism project in Fiji involving local communities. Journal of Sustainable Tourism 18 (1):29-42

    Rasalato E, Maginnity V, Brunnschweiler JM (2010) Using local ecological knowledge to identify shark river habitats in Fiji (South Pacific). Environmental Conservation 37 (1):90-97
    Thanks in advance


  2. Dustin Siewert says:

    Dear Mister Brunnschweiler,

    My Name is Dustin Siewert. I am an 32 year old highschoolteacher from Germany. I am writing to you, to ask for an opportunity to work as volunteer in the Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project.
    Since my final exams, I have been teaching biology and mathematics to my students. I like my work, but there is a feeling of missing something. I teached young students the Basics of biology and science, but yet i never worked as a scientist myself. So i am looking for an opportunity to get experience in it and at the same time, making my Dream come true, to dive with Sharks, research their behaviour and helping to evaluate their protection. Because of that, I found the Homepage of the Fiji Shark Project.
    What i want to ask you: Is there a possibility to work as a volunteer for the Project? Who should i write and ask?

    Sincerely Dustin

  3. Ryan Sorensen says:

    It is nice to make your acquaintance. We are making a film about bull sharks and their ability to live in freshwater. We are needing a bull shark expert we can interview for the documentary. Is this something you would be interested in?

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