Advances in Fish Tagging and Marking Technology

Finally! Back in Februay 2008 I gave a presentation at the Advances in Fish Tagging and Marking Technology conference in New Zealand and a few months later submitted my talk as a research paper to be included in the proceedings of the conference. Now, after more than four years, the book has finally been published by the American Fisheries Society.


Fish marking and tracking is a fundamental tool for fisheries management and research. In recent years the technologies and analytical procedures available for marking and monitoring fisheries have evolved. The 31 chapters in this volume include papers on integrated approaches, conventional tagging, acoustic tags and arrays, radio telemetry, chemical and biological markers, and archival and pop-up satellite tags. This book will be appreciated by both fisheries scientists and managers for its coverage of many of the important advances in fish tagging technologies of the last two decades, the methods used to analyze data generated by these technologies, and the underlying management needs and objectives that only fish-marking and tagging can fulfill.

A PDF of our chapter “Diel oscillations in whale shark vertical movements associated with meso- and bathypelagic diving” can be downloaded from here.


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